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What if I don't have a vision for my wedding flowers?

Chances are you have never worked with wedding flowers before, but I have! I love helping clients develop their vision and will ask questions to help you figure out what styles you like and don’t like.


Do you have set pricing or packages for your designs? How much should I expect to spend?

The price of the floral designs is determined by several factors, including the size of the arrangement, the number of flowers needed, and the cost of the specific flowers used. The cost for most of our couples falls between $3000 to $10,000+.



Why do I need a wedding floral designer? Can't I just DIY?

• Expertise: As a floral designer, I have a deep knowledge of flowers and their unique requirements. I thoughtfully order in flowers for each wedding, carefully hydrating and processing them to ensure they last throughout the day. With years of experience, I know the tricks to get the flowers to open to their optimal state, and can keep them at their peak in my cooler. I understand that not all flowers require the same approach, and as an expert, I can guarantee the best results.


• Design: Floral arrangements are not just beautiful, but require time, patience, and practice to perfect. I have spent years perfecting the design process, taking into account the number of flowers, greenery, and overall scale of each arrangement. In addition, there are correct mechanics required to achieve each design. I also take the time to plan months ahead to prepare for each wedding to make sure all details are perfect.


• Flexibility: Flowers are delicate and unexpected issues may arise during the wedding day. As a professional, I have the confidence and expertise to adjust quickly and seamlessly to ensure that the floral arrangements stay beautiful and intact. 


• Stress-Free: Planning a wedding can be stressful, and the week of the wedding should not be filled with flower preparation. I take care of all the preparation at my studio, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the wedding experience stress-free. This allows you to have peace of mind that the flowers will be perfectly arranged and ready to go for your special day.


Does the time of year affect what type of flowers I should want?

At my studio, I prioritize creating designs that are inspired by style and color rather than specific types of flowers. However, there are certain flowers that are only available during particular times of the year, and I prefer to use these blooms because of their quality and affordability. Whenever possible, I love to incorporate locally grown flowers into my designs. However, for flowers that grow in more temperate climates, such as roses, carnations, and tropicals, I have plenty of options available regardless of when you're getting married.



Why are wedding flowers more expensive?

I go the extra mile to ensure that the flowers I deliver to you are of the highest quality. For events requiring custom luxe blooms or specific color palettes, I order the flowers specifically for your event. I spend extra time planning and designing the arrangements before the flowers are even ordered, which allows me to deliver truly personalized designs.


Wedding work is highly detailed and time-consuming. During the week of your event, I carefully monitor the flowers to ensure that they don't bloom too early and that they are properly hydrated and protected. In addition to the cost of the flowers themselves, there are other factors that affect pricing, such as deliveries, installations, takedowns, and hiring additional help.


I understand that every flower is grown from a seed and requires careful attention until it is transported to the desired location. Factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions, disease, worker strikes, or pandemics, can also impact the supply of certain flowers.


I take all of these factors into consideration as I carefully price out and create the perfect arrangements for your special day. I am honored to be a part of it!


Will you travel for our event?

I want to make sure that your flowers are delivered to you in the best condition possible, no matter where your event is held. That's why I offer a mileage rate and any additional travel fees based on the specific needs of your event. Whether it's a local or destination wedding, I will do my best to provide you with the freshest flowers possible.


For destination weddings, I have established relationships with wholesalers who can deliver flowers to me. However, I also make an effort to work with local flower distributors whenever possible, to ensure that the flowers I use are in tune with the local climate and environment.


My goal is to provide you with stunning floral designs that fit your unique needs and event location, no matter where that may be.

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